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What devices can run Immersed?
What Mac OS versions are supported?
What Windows OS versions are supported?
What Linux versions are supported?
How do I download the Desktop Agent / Streamer app to each of my computers?
Why can’t I connect to Immersed?
I have Linux with an Intel CPU, how can I get better performance?
My VR app says that I am on an outdated version of the application and won’t let me go any further.
Why is my connection so slow?
How can I get multiple monitors in VR?
Why do I get a black screen when it says I'm connected?
Why do I get a black screen when trying to watch Netflix, Hulu or other streaming service?
Why do I get a green screen when trying to use the webcam feature?
Why is my mouse getting stuck at the edge and not moving in a way that the screens in Virtual Reality suggest?
I see a black screen with a white box around the mouse. What should I do?
Can I use the Immersed Windows Agent with my firewall on?
Can I share my screen in public rooms?
Can I use high-res extended physical monitors with Immersed?
How do I enable sound to come out of my headset when using Immersed? (Mac Only)
How do I activate and use the Immersed Webcam feature?
I’m using the Immersed Webcam for my video-conferencing call and my voice audio isn’t being picked up. Why is that?
How do I download the Immersed Agent to my computer?
I have virtual displays enabled on my Mac, but only see one monitor.
Any other questions?