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Keyboard Overlay

Tutorial Video


In order to start keyboard calibration, Oculus hands must be enabled and active. Make sure you have adequate lighting in your room. Overlay does not currently work with bluetooth keyboards.

Keyboard Calibration Steps

  1. Ensure keyboard calibration is turned on, in Immersed settings.
  2. On your computer, ensure that an app/program that can receive text input is open and in focus.
  3. Begin calibration by clicking the icon that is located next to your keyboard. Alternatively, quickly press shift then space then shift. A large prompt window should appear.
  4. Follow the instructions on the prompt window; it will tell you to press the P, Q, and B keys. Make sure that your headset is close enough to your keyboard. Also make sure that your index finger is clearly visible to the Quest and not blocked by your other fingers. Like so: ☝️
  5. Note: Calibration will automatically restart if it does not generate enough usable data points.

Try: If calibration seems to be consistently inaccurate, try tapping the calibration keys every half second or so instead of holding them down.

Locating a lost (VR) keyboard

If you cannot locate your keyboard, it is possible that it is either too far away from you, hidden behind a screen, or that it is disabled. To recall your keyboard and screens, open the Immersed menu:
Settings -> Application Settings -> Reset Position

Bluetooth Keyboards

Immersed supports bluetooth keyboard connection to the Quest.


We currently have implemented just one keyboard layout, but plan to support a variety of layouts/customizable configurations in the future.